Modular Stairway

The Kwik-Step system is designed for permanent or temporary installation achieving radical savings in time and cost compared with conventional methods of construction. The modules of galvanized steel treadplate are pinned directly into the slope, minimising groundwork and avoiding the need for foundations. Modules of 2, 3 and 4 steps are combined to make up the required length of flight and are available in a wide range of gradients from 12° to 50°. The modules can be installed side-by-side to provide a double-width stairway if required. More features of the stairway can be seen in the Design Picker.


Key Features

  •  permanent or temporary

  •  minimal groundwork

  •  no foundations

  •  low maintenance

  •  delivered from stock

  •  install and use with no delay

Timelapse video

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